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"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."  / Warren Buffett /

     Each of you, whether producer or customer, who have any experience with domed labels, also known as three-dimensional, 3D, logo drops, logotops, elastic, plastic, silicone, doming stickers, is already familier with treir features:

 - Add an attractive look to every flat label.
 - Protect from scratches
 - Are water-resistant
 - UV resistant / not always, depends on resin material used for the coating /
 - Detergent proof / alkalis, salts, oils, bacteria and others. chemical agents /

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    We have started to gain our experience in domed labels crafting more than 15 years ago. Throughout this time, our company has focused all activities exclusively on DOMING LABELS manufacturing. So, we have  done our best to promote domed label application in big production companies for branding as well as in small advertising workshops for diversifying the range of products they offer.

What are the main benefits of our domed stickers and why was necessary to trade them under their own brand – Crystal Plast®?

    Domed stickers, you receive from us are made with care and after strict selection to each component:

Let's start with the coating:

- Doming resin, we work with is a clear two-component polyurethane, designed for professional production of domed labels.
Unlike all other materials such as epoxy, polyester and other type of resins used for the same purpose – doming, the polyurethane formulation we use - does not yellowing over time; is elastic, break- and scratch- resistant.
- Doming resin, we work with is manufactured by one of the world leading producers of doming resins. Trying to find the best quality material for domed labels production and after a period of “trial and error”, we have selected this polyurethane formulation, that covers a wide range of quality requirements and allows many application areas.
- Doming resin, we work with is designed for indoor and outdoor use because of its exceptional UV resistance
- Doming resin, we work with does not contain phthalates
- Doming resin, we work with covers the requirements of the following European Directives and international standards: RoHS 2011/65 / EU,
REACH 1907/2006 / EC, ELV 2000/53 / EC, CE 88/378 / EEC, EN 71-3, UL 94 HB 40, JIG-101 ED 2.0

Print image:

    The printing equipment and print media variety have reached such a level of development that allow in powerful way to print best quality images. The choice of by which way to print your images - whether the age-old screen printing or digital printing - depends on your artwork idea, on which detail to focus the attention, on the information that must be printed, at last on the ordered quantity of domed labels. A combination of printing techniques is possible to be applied in order to achieve the intended vision.
The names of the companies-manufacturers of equipment and materials for printing industry that we work with or apply throughout the process of doming labels manufacture, give an idea of the quality we're looking for and insist on - SEFAR, Kisel and Wolf, Sericol Fuji, Pantone, ATMA, Epson, HP, EIZO , Summa, 3M ...

Print media:

The choice of base material to be printed onto is determined by the printing way, by the surface on which domed label will be applied, by the customer requirements and by the quantity. Depending on the print base material, the temperature range our domed labels can be no problem used is between -40° till +60°. A special requirement is that they must be applied at +15° at least. Any questions or need of information about the temperature resistance of our domed labels are welcome.

quality stampAdhesive layer:

    The adhesive layer is an important part of doming sticker, the power of which is predetermined by the selected media. Depending on the surface of the product, that will be domed-labeled, you can choose between media with optimum adhesive layer and such with an enhanced adhesive layer.  Usually, the requirement for strong adhesion is a must when the domed label will be applied on rough or curved surface.

   In conclusion, we can say that the quality domed labels, produced by SARK Design and Engineering Ltd., are result of quality selected row materials, well done work and customer-oriented approach in every stage of domed labels manufacturing.
    As a confirmation of the Father of Advertising - David Ogilvy words that:

“Within every brand is a product, but not every product is a brand.”

    Our quality doming stickers are produced and offered more than 13 years under the brand - Crystal Plast® – Certificate 44123 / 26.02.2003, registered in the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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