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Just Doming

    Each customer has their own needs. Almost 10 years ago, we have introduced doming kit FS 050 as a convenient way for those, who want to make small runs of domed stickers – different sizes, shapes and designs or just samples. Although, the purchase of doming kit FS 050 is not a big cost, the self-made domed labels require suitable work conditions. Therefore, we decided to separate part of our business as Just Doming.
    As a service – Just Doming is the ability to coat your flat printed and cut labels with clear polyurethane resin so making them 3-dimentional impressive ones. This option is suitable for printing houses and larger advertising studios. You can take advantage of Just Doming after prior discussions on requirements printouts must comply with and after tests done by us.
    As a product - Just Doming is a transparent dome with self-adhesive back layer. You can read more about Clear domed stickers in Products section.


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