image Domed pin tags
Domed pin badge, 20x30 mm
Domed Badges with pin fastener.
Domed Pin Badges  D=25 мм.
Domed Badges with magnet fastener.

Domed Pin Badges

Badges are one of the advertising products widely used in event marketing /promotional or political campaigns/

    An advantage of our Domed Pin Badges is the fact that they do not have a fixed size and shape. This gives freedom to your conceptual designs, which must only comply with some restrictions in domed stickers production. The metal base is type "brushed" aluminum. Fixing to the garment can be either with a pin or with a magnet. Attachment with a pin is a more budget-friendly option suitable for larger sized badges. While the magnet do not punch the garments, provides reliable attachment, but at a slightly higher cost. The choice of fastening type depends on the client's individual preferences.

MOQ - 100 pcs.
Average production time - 8 business days.




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