image Domed pin tags
Domed pin badge, 20x30 mm
Domed Pin Badges 20 х 30 мм.
Domed Pin Badges  D=25 мм.
Domed Pin Badges D=25 мм.

Domed Pin Badges

BBadges are one of the most used advertising products on event marketing, whether promotional or political.

    The badges with domed sticker we produce have a “silver” metal back and a "butterfly" clutch to assure the stable fixing to the garment. Your creative ideas are shown by domed label, again.
    Through our experience, smaller domed-labeled badges have more elegant and stylish look. So, we recommend to have in mind this tip.
Shapes and sizes, with some restrictions, are set by you.

MOQ - 100 pcs.
Average production time - 8 business days.



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