Double - sided Domed Keyrings 1
3D keyring as promotional product.
Double - sided Domed Keyrings 2
3D keyring as an useful gadget.

Double-sided Domed Keyrings

The double-sided 3D keyring is one of the additional domed labeled products.

    Although, we consider as our main asset the ability to produce domed stickers in big runs, the decision to diversify the range of offered products was urged by customer inquiries and their respect to our cooperation skills.
    Double-sided 3D keyring is crafted by pear of domed labels attached to a ring by soft plastic connector. Every domed label can be printed with different information each other - logo, image, address, barcode, QR code, etc.
    Double-sided domed keyring is both an eyes-catching, nice in touch promotional products and an useful in everyday life gadget.
Shapes and sizes, with some restrictions, are set by you.

MOQ - 100 pcs.
Average production time - 6 business days.


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