image Domed Labels
Simple and complex shaped domed labels
Simple and complex shaped domed labels.
Domed labels in different sizes
Domed labels in different sizes.
Domed labels with inner holes
Domed labels with inner holes.
Sequential numbering domed stickers
Sequential numbering domed stickers.
Domed labels with barcode and QR imprints
Domed labels with barcode and QR imprints.
Domed label with AR imprint
Domed label with AR imprint.

Domed Labels Crystal plast®

The domed stickers crafted by our company are already well-known as domed labels Crystal plast®.

    They are both crystal clear and flexible enough to give your products, branded with them, remarkable and luxurious look. You can read more about key benefits of domed labels manufactured by SARK Design and Engineering here.
    Generally, doming /3D, bubble, logo/ stickers are used to point out a brand name or company logo. They can be standard or non-standard shaped. The size may vary from less than 1 to as big as 200 or more. Domed labels could have a different positioned hole. The variety of graphics printed on the media base is pretty wide - trademarks, logos, slogans, websites, address data, full-colour images as well as variable data, barcode , QR code, even AR / augmented reality /.
    Having in mind the possible use of many base materials to print on, combined with different printing modes and color combinations, the vision of your domed label can be only limited by your design imagination.

MOQ - 300 pcs.
Average production time - 5 business days.SARK Domed Labels Reach Roho MercuryFree


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