обемни магнитни стикери 1
обемни магнитни стикери 1

Artwork guidelines

    This section provides information about minimum requirements and guidelines to help you get the most out of your designs.


work flow1. Shapes are divided into:
- Simple - rectangle, square, circle, ellipse
- Complex – all other. When your design artwork requires special shape, you should contact us for some tips.
2. The domed label price is proportional to its surface:
- The surface of circle or oval domed labels is assumed to be equal to the surface of their tangential square or rectangle
- If the surface value is not a whole number, for price calculation purposes, it is assumed as rounded off next number.
3. Designing your domed label cutline, no internal or external sharp corners should be available.


doming stickers work flow1. Draw the outer contour of the sticker with 0,1 pts outline.
2. When the shape is rectangular or square, corner roundness should be 2 mm.
3. If your conceptual design requires a printed frame on the edge of the domed sticker, its thickness must be at least 2 mm.
4. Images or texts must be off at least 2 mm of the outer contour of the sticker.
5. Any object intended to be printed onto the trimmed edge of sticker should be extended 2 mm beyond the cut line.
6. All lines must be at least 0,3 pts.
7. Minimum text size - at least 6 pts.
8. All fonts must be converted into curves.
9. Required resolution of bitmaps – 300 ppi., CMYK - Fogra 39.
10. Depending on whether your artworks include vector objects or bitmaps, preferred file formats are: .pdf, .eps, .ai, .cdr, .jpg, .tiff

Colour matching

color tables etc     When manufacturing with care your domed labels, we mainly use high quality machine screen printing and photorealistic digital printing. Therefore, in your artworks you should fill in your texts or images either with Pantone or CMYK - Fogra 39 colour matching systems . Please note, that as printing base material can be used white, glossy or matt silver, glossy or matte gold PE or PVC foils. When printing on a substrate other than white, a slight colour variation might be possible. There might be also an optical colour deviation from the required colour due to dome coating. As a rule, printed colours become a little lighter. 


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